Thursday, January 20, 2011

Last littlebit from Tenerife!

So Its been over two weeks since I've been in Trondheim, Norway. And I've been running a million errands that are involved with moving to Norway, its rather difficult! Here its very icy (they dont lay down salt, just something that looks like cat litter) and I've fallen around 3-4 times already, here I was thinking Minneapolis had trained me well for ice walking. Also just in case you didn't know its very expensive to live here, especially to drink! (at least $80 for a bottle of liquor)
Despite all this I am quite enjoying myself, I'm meeting a lot of people, classes are very laid back so far, I really like my room (which is more like a studio), and I'm finally getting over my cold!

Aside from that I have a few more pictures from my last day in Tenerife, when I had the pleasure of getting a moped tour of Santa Cruz by Atenea. We went to the marina/docks where people live in their boats year round, to the theater, to a couple different scenic lookouts, wound around the teeny side-streets where most cars aren't allowed, and again to the beautiful Parque Garcia Sanabria.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

And here's a little taste of Trondheim, there was a snowstorm on the first day of class and I snapped this from the bus:

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