Monday, January 24, 2011


Sooo... I think I now I can start writing about Norway! This past weekend was rather long! My only class on Friday was canceled, so my weekend started on Thursday night, a few of us went to this club in downtown called "Downtown". It was pretty fun, when we got there there was this guy playing the keyboard and singing all these pop songs, he was pretty good, but it was really hilarious. The beer was pretty "cheap", around 30nok for a pint, which is not cheap in the US, around 5$. The place then turned more in to a dance club, with a DJ and two bars on the 3rd floor, and 2 bars bars with different atmospheres on the main floor. We then decided to take the 40 minute walk home at 2:30am due to the ridiculous cab prices, I was a little hesitant about this at first but then we whent through this tree covered path and the trees were covered with crows and I think bats, it was REALLY cool! You would clap and they would all start flying around, it was straight out of some kind of Tim Burton movie.
On Friday I did laundry and things around the house. I also watched "Soacial Network" which turned out to be a pretty good movie! Then I went to this small "club" in the basement of one of the student villages thats run by students. Its called "The Basement" and its where a lot of the exchange students go on Fridays, the beer here is actually kinda cheap @ 3$ a bottle. The downside is that its usually really crowded and it closes at midnight, but its very fun!

I guess the highlights of my weekend were on Friday. I woke up bright(not so much, it was still nighttime) and early to go to the central bus station and take a bus to Roros, where we would go Dog Sledding!!

The photos really dont capture how beautiful and amazing it was! although we didnt have to worry about steering the dogs (they just followed the trail), things would get pretty intense when going down hill. After a couple of the hills i was going to fast and lost control and flew in to the snow! and when you fall off the dogs just keep on running! so you have to chase them down, luckly theres always someone ahead to stop them but you have to yell so that they dont go on forever. It was really exciting!

Heres the doggies on a break:

Anyway! after a long sleepy bus ride home I had dinner, freshened up and whent to a birthday party at another student village. Only after "pregaming" at Louisa, Anna, and Sandra's apartment.

"French" kisses for the Italian birthday boy!

Tea after-party.

Also heres a picture of my room!

And a couple pictures from a really cool building at NTNU (the university I'm studying in).

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  1. I am extremely jealous that you got to go dog sledding. I'd love to try that sometime.