Monday, January 31, 2011

New Bike!

So I whent to the slavation army to see if I could find anything useful, I got a well needed pepper grinder (so flatmates: yes I was using your pepper grinder behind your backs, but not any longer, dont worry I refilled yours.... I doubt they will be reading this), mugs, small water glasses, a rug..... and most importantly and least expected: a Bike! I saw the price and i thought 300NOK (50$) was cheap! so I tried it out and took it. When I was gonna pay the cashier only rang it up as 150NOK (I kept quite thinking it was a mistake), he then said "Dont show anyone the price tag, I thought 300 was really expensive!"
As vintage bikes are fashionable in the US, this bike would have easily gone for 150$ in Minneapolis. I think I found the first thing (besides school) thats cheaper in Norway!
It felt wonderful to ride a bike, even tho it was 4*C, raining, and uphill :-p

DBS is a Norwegian bike company, my friend Kristin says it stands for "Den beste sykkel" meaning "The Best Bike"!

I cant wait till it gets nice out!

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